Wooden Floors Varnish for Vigorous Private House Design

Wooden floors varnish would be suitable for creating private house design because the flooring are completed with wooden window and sliding door for modern home interior design.

Wooden Floors Varnish for Vigorous Private House Design

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In Cedar Hill, Dallas and Ellis, Texas, USA there is a house called The House on Cedar Hill which has a very vigorous private house design with wooden floors varnish, particularly it is seen through the exterior design of it which is stacked stone walls. Cunningham Architects built this dwelling with specific forms including the main vibe which is forming stacked stone as the main material for wall. With two storey and appealing decoration for each level, the house emerges artistically in term of elegant and modern shapes combination.

Basically, the house becomes so gigantic and gorgeous through the stone walls feature, which stands gigantically with 182 feet long and 21 feet high. Very impressive and mature, and along with additional concrete canopy which emerges as a breaker into and through the residence. It could be the best private house design so far, since the design really produces a very comfy and intimate milieu. While for the interior, wood seems appear as the main accent. Through beautiful ceilings, warm wooden floors varnish, sharp wooden window frames and some trendy wooden cabinets in the kitchen. A glass accent was also formed beautifully through those modern windows and sliding doors.

Overall the house has a very relaxing and lovely arrangement for each room. This residence will provide cozy ambiance for the home owner and their children. And don’t forget about the way glass facades in the second floor undoubtedly could blend together with the breezy trees and natural scenery around the house. Moreover, the relaxing outdoor terrace near the fresh swimming pool also becomes the next attraction. All are in set, both outdoor and indoor decoration is gathering in a beautiful mixture.

In the end this residence could demonstrate the clever combination of vigorous stone walls as the main exterior vibe, along with trendy and stirring arrangement inside the house. For those who love and adore stone wall structure could implement this house design with wooden floors varnish since it is undoubtedly become a good house architectural design prototype, along with its precise development in term of materials?

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