Wooden Floor Tiles for Harmonious Concrete Siding House Style

Wooden floor tiles would be suitable for creating concrete siding house style as it would be able for showing the harmonious look for the interior design as the flooring are made of oak wood with durable quality.

Wooden Floor Tiles for Harmonious Concrete Siding House Style

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The most common style of a modern house is the concrete sidings and wooden floor tiles. The easiness of the installation has made the materials as favorite among others. The example of amazing house with concrete panels is Zhukovka XXI designed by UNK Project. The strong wall which consists of concrete can make the bold vibe to this house design. Moreover, the fine angled shape of this design also promotes the sturdy nuance which can be used as the building identity. However, this strong building does not look rigid since the installations of giant glass windows. These windows can really make house design be more vivid and elegant. The other element which endorses the refreshing vibrant is the green courtyard. This addition is not only gives natural outlook but it also promotes the completeness nuance of this building.

The magnificent wall of this contemporary house is created by the well-arranged concretes boards which are attached to the exterior wall. The color combination which ranges from light brown to goldenrod yellow has created artistic concrete siding panels that recall the subtle idea of ancient building. This accent then reinforced by the wooden floor tiles which covering the terrace. The natural color of oak woods has created the harmony upon this exterior design. The notable exterior touch is the pine tree which grows inside the right wing of the terrace. The branches of the tree which grow over the artificial roof cavity highlight the spacious element which supports the freedom vibe in this house.

The freedom vibe does not only belong to the exterior design. The interior is likely designed to support such feeling since this single floor building is built with uncommon height. This spacious concept can be interpreted in two meanings. The first will be related to the freedom and the second is related to the luxury. However, those two ideas can go together in this roomy house.

Moreover, the mutual integrity, by which the furniture and decoration are designed in the same tone, has made the brilliant identity to this sturdy concrete house. In conclusion, the modern panels siding with the wooden floor tiles can truly fit the overall interior design which promotes the luxurious and spacious concept.

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