Metallic Pendant Lights for Astonishing Renovation Design Ideas

Metallic pendant lights would be suitable for creating astonishing renovation design because they are completed large glass windows and glass facades staircase for brighter interior design.

Metallic Pendant Lights for Astonishing Renovation Design Ideas

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AR Design Studio has formed impressive renovation design ideas with metallic pendant lights for a house called The Sarum Road. This renovation specifically was formed for this house which is actually an old house in Winchester, Hampshire, UK. And with well-formed remodeling structure, this residence becomes a new futuristic living space with a very precise shape and figure. For the exterior design the restructure element emphasize on the presence of wooden stick walls and bare brick walls. While for the interior, the design emerges very sleek, trendy and contemporary through glass features, white painting and trendy furniture.

Initially the exterior appears very enormous since the wooden stick walls and brick walls could demonstrate the artistic value of sturdy design. Then for the arrangement inside the house which emerges very sleek minimalist, open, and futuristic, it could be mentioned as one of the greatest house renovation design ideas. Some stirring elements inside this residence are glass facades staircase, glass ventilation, large glass windows, high ceilings, and the development of some metallic pendant lights.

Moreover, interior design also emerges very neat and lucent through a melodious mixture of white coloring, and a little bit touch of black. Not to forget about classiness of the precise wood tones through wooden furniture, the milieu is so warm, yet still sleek and modern in the end. The home owner will be mesmerized by its futuristic yet elegant design, and its precise arrangement for each room within the house.

To conclude, this renovation project is obviously well-implemented since it demonstrates the simple minimalist arrangement of glazing along with natural elements such as wood and brick. The whole remodeling design enhances the beauty of this old dwelling through its transformation into modern residence, specifically improve the value of modern style and figure. Thus this would be very logic to name the re-arrangement design of this lodge as one impressive illustration of home renovation design ideas with the metallic pendant lights and will be a very inspiring reference as well.

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