Large Folding Doors for Safe Family Home Style

Large folding doors would be suitable for creating safe family home design because they would give bright and large interior nuance to enjoy the backyard scenery.

Large Folding Doors for Safe Family Home Style

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Simply structured, the Cooks Hill Residence by Bourne Blue Architecture is a family home with large folding doors that is built to provide maximum comfort to its settlers, a young family. The design offers bright natural colors both on its exterior and interior, and a room planning that is simple, efficient, and easily navigated. The home has an open floor plan in its first floor and efficient shelf placing that is also safe for smaller children. The home is also built with a terrace and a back yard. The home is located in Newcastle, Australia.

Having a small child in the house is a daunting feeling because they need constant care and attention. The Cooks Hill Residence which applies the large folding doors is designed to offer this kind of facility, a safe home for children to grow. The design carefully plans out a room structure that ensures that many heavy furnishing features and family home decors is kept away from the reach of children and that many home features, such as railings are kept in a solid fashion. The most prominent of this design is the shelf that is built-in underneath the stair. This allows for it to stand securely in place without the risk of falling. Solid stair railing and second floor bridge also provide safety for the children.

The home devices an open floor plan and large folding doors that opens the entire first floor to the backyard. This is done to provide transparency to all parts of the living space.  The room spacing is also quite large. Therefore, there are any spaces in the room for movement.

The home employs bright and natural color spectrum into its design. Wood and glass exterior covers the entire span of the home’s exterior. Due to this, not only that the home will have some light insulating effect from the glass, it will also provide natural sunlight to illuminate the house during the daytime. Inside, the same concept is also used. Wood floor and white walls create into the house as a modern family home décor with the large folding doors for the sensation of brightness.

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