High Ceilings Architecture for Alluring Two Story Home Design

High ceilings architecture would be suitable for creating alluring two story home designs because it is designed with pendant lamps for charming home interior design.

High Ceilings Architecture for Alluring Two Story Home Design

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WA Design amazingly designed a very extraordinary and alluring two story home design with high ceilings architecture for a residence called The Saratoga Creek House. This residence stands gorgeously in Saratoga, Santa Clara County, California USA and being surrounded by a large greenish grass yard with abundance of oak trees. In specific, this dwelling has impressive vaulted roof structure which emerges as the main exterior attraction. Along with glassed in walk feature, the house apparently becomes so enchanting in term of modern design.

Generally, this residence could be one of the greatest prototype of two story home design ideas with high ceilings architecture, since it shows precise figure of modern residence which is blended melodiously with the whole environmental features namely oaks trees landscape and lovely creek. For the exterior design, the unique roof which is vaulted shape emerges very dynamic and modern with large sliding glass windows and trendy doors, demonstrating a very futuristic ambiance.

Moreover, those lovely large sliding glasses also escort the beautiful greenish outside scenery entering into the indoor living space, hence the home owner will feel that their dwelling although has a very futuristic and sharp style but it could freely blend with the environment. Another alluring feature of this house is a lovely glass staircase, high ceilings, wooden furniture and pendant lamps which appears as charming accessories. For the arrangement for each level, this house also has a very precise and well-developed design. Some distinctive features of it are a spacious garage, a very alluring living room, a spacious dining area and kitchen, a very breezy pool, an impressive hot tub, captivating outdoor island, and so on

The modernity amazingly is being well-formed along with the medium of greenish oaks trees and refreshing creek. Hence, it would be very easy to name this dwelling as one of the most affecting prototype of two story house design ideas with emphasize on modern vaulted roof structure and high ceilings architecture, which brilliantly presents the wondrous fusion between modern formĀ  and genuine creativity.

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