Folding Wall Installation for Dynamic Contemporary Home Style

Folding wall installation should be able for creating dynamic contemporary home style because it would give you extra room and modern bathroom.

Folding Wall Installation for Dynamic Contemporary Home Style

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With its dark gray exterior, the Alexandra Residence by NatureHumaine is a revolutionary contemporary home feature with the folding wall installation among other houses of its own lane. Located on a compact lane in Montreal, Canada, the home keeps the neighborhood’s boxy exterior design. With floor to ceiling windows and large window application, the home is able to have a wide scope of the world outside and natural ventilation.

The home is built with an exceptional contemporary structure that employs an open floor plan and differently layered floor. Come into the front door of this contemporary home design and you will find that all of the social spaces inside the home are located in the same area; the kitchen, living room, and dining room, and that the floor of the living room space is actually dug into the ground while everything else was raised. A folding wall installation reveals an extra room space and a bathroom.

The home chooses three main color schemes to decorate the house; white and white wood with a gray and metallic flooring and furniture. The inside of the folding wall installation also reveals a gray layer. In there, one of the home’s bathrooms is located and its color scheme is unlike that of the other parts of the house, it is colored in blue.

The decorating elements of this home are also in built into the plain walls of the house. Above the entrance are ceiling windows which allows for natural lighting to drop into the room to provide the room with little energy usage during the daytime. Floor to ceiling windows are also applied to create this same effect. Upstairs, the main bathroom is located and frosted glass is used to bring some of those natural lightings from the windows hanging above the front door. On the second floor of this contemporary modern home design with the folding wall installation, table features are also found for three personal home office areas.

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