Dream Spacious House with a Massive Exterior Vibe

Dream spacious house would be able for creating comfortable living space as it is designed with massive exterior vibe for contemporary house and stone padding for strong house construction.

Dream Spacious House with a Massive Exterior Vibe

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The idea of dream spacious house with all luxurious and functional furniture has become everyone’s dream.  This concept has been realized by Bernardo Hinojosa in a private residence located in Monterrey, Mexico. The spatial vibe is not only a visual trick of room management but this house has a physically large space to accommodate the all needs of the households. The physical appearance of huge design has been presented since you come to the front of the house. A massive exterior is with hilarious stones padding. The combination of yellowish and dark stones siding of its facade has created superb view that will make you curious of what is stored inside. The addition of tall iron fence also creates the epic design of this contemporary house. To give a refreshment look, some medium height palm trees and yellowish flowers are grown in the outside of the fence.

Coming inside, the spacious rooms of this house are really true. The idea of spacious living place is enlarged by the neat and structured furniture arrangement. The harmony of the interior colors also affects the roomy nuance of this dream spacious house. The other place which supports the spatial concept of this house is the back yard. It seems that the design of the backyard aims at providing a convenient atmosphere to the households. The refreshment nuance is the basic concept of this backyard.

The decoration which provides the refreshment and freedom is the swimming pool. The blue mosaic tiles of the pool’s wall and floor are able to promote the luxury and comfort which underlies the general design. Besides the swimming pool, the green garden and landscaping are also taking part on the decoration. The combination really creates an ambient vibe which is very pleasing the eyes.

Discussing the interior, the furniture and decorations which are applied cannot be underestimated. The integrity concept is the backbone which makes the house stand in prestigious style.  A special touch that increases the prestige is the marble tiles. The grey texture really uplifts the luxurious look of this house. However, there are also other modern furniture and artistic decorations which beautify this spacious house. The general concept of the dream spacious house will increase the spatial vibe which cans relief the desire of freedom.

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